ATTENTION: Mt. Fuiji found on a Trickster

For immediate release ! ! !

A miniature Mt. Fuji has been found on a local politician in the Ichikawa area of Japan.  Do not be alarmed, everything will be all right.

Mt Fuji on a Trickster

4 Responses to “ATTENTION: Mt. Fuiji found on a Trickster”

  1. John Says:

    dude this post is hilarious!
    lovin it,
    thank you so much for the props on the video and for facebookin it as well!

    we gotta skype it up soon!

  2. jacob Says:

    my pleasure.

    im glad you enjoyed it.
    this political poster caught my eye from across the street.
    i just had to make it into a lucid communication special.

  3. samm bennett Says:

    Insert your head here!

  4. jacob Says:

    that was a good one samm…
    i knew youd like this one…

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