Backstreet Analog Camera Shop

Riding though my neighbor hood on a bright and sunny day yesterday, an old beat up camera shop sign caught my eye.  I am always on the look out for these kind of shops, because you never know what kind of little gems might be in their display cases.

So I propped down my kick stand and peered into the shops window.  There were some polaroid cameras in the display window, and on the other side there were three film projectors.  A little treasure drove tucked away in my neighbor hood that I had never found before.  I started to chat with the owner about cameras, and what I was looking for.  He said he only had a few cameras for sale, but we talked about the good old days when you needed to know a bit about cameras in order to get a picture taken.

It was great talking with him.  In these days, these shops are 90% all digital, or they do both.  I hope to stop in again, and have a chat.

Analog Camera Shop, Kasai

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