7 a.m Stroll in Minami Kasai, Snowscapes

The snow came down last night.  I know it is nothing like what my people in the midwest or east coast of America have experienced but for Tokyo this is a lot of snowfall.  You all have to keep in mind I am a Miami boy at heart.  Snow has and alway be like magic to me, so that is why I set my alarm to get me up and out of bed early to take the stroll.  I was worried if I slept in, all the snow would have melted into the gutters before I could get off some nice clicks.

Grab my camera, pulled on my snow boots that I get to use once a year, and trooped around my neighborhood for about an hour.  It wasn’t that cold, and the sun was shining and the ice was melting fast.  Down by the riverside I noticed I was not the only photographer up and about this February morning.

I love the sound of the icy snow crunching under my rubber boots.  Its such a pleasing sound to hear, and no I did not fall on my ass.

More to Come

If the Levee Breaks

Snow Kings of Minami Kasai

Snow Slide

Cobble Snow

Ice Puddles Walker

Picture of a Man Taking a Picture of a boy Sledding

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