Are Pixels Just Silver Halide with Ones and Zeros?

After hearing the news that Fuji Film will cut quite a bit of its 120 product soon has caused me to think a lot about the digital age of photography that we all find ourselves in these days.  Even the simple notion of a digital photograph, can it still be called a photograph?  Does it really matter in the end, if the artist is happy with the image that he/she has created is that all that is of artistic concern?

Photography in its early days really has a science more than an art.  The photographer needed knowledge of chemistry and the physical properties of light in order to create images. Nowadays, that knowledge has slowly been eroded to the point that it no longer really matters.

You just press the button and, BING, you get an image.

Im old school, but I do love my new school digital tools.  I want to be free, to pick and choose the tools that are best for that moment of expression. Many argue and talk about analog vs digital.  I don’t see it that way.  I see that the digital and the analog both compliment each other.  In the hands of an artist they can allow creations of new work that have yet to be expressed.

I will tweak away to my hearts content, for that struggle to find out more about myself, and the world within we all dwell.


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2 Responses to “Are Pixels Just Silver Halide with Ones and Zeros?”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Good blog. True. There is so much less to photography, yet so much more. It’s all in the person’s eye.

  2. jacob Says:

    its true….
    in my own heart it is the final image, and the process
    we go though as an artist that is important.


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