Note Paper of Life

Cameras are a tool I use to express myself.  I have always felt comfortable with on in my hand.  The camera has given me the freedom to go out into the world, and see the world though an extension of my heart.  I have been able to cultivate and explore the interconnectedness and symbiotic nature of that world.  It is like writing down in my journal. A visual journal created with pixels, and oxides.  Line by line, page by page or frame by frame they all build a story of my life.  Sometimes I wonder why I bother.  But that notion is quickly squashed when I over that I have no choice.  I must go out into the world and find my voice, and record those interactions in images.

Click after click

Day after Day.

Line by handwritten Line

Lined Sign Reflected Self, Note Paper of Life

Fifty Yen Coin, Waiting by the Vending Machine

Composition with Dots, Lines and Rectangles

Polka Dotted After the Storm

2 Responses to “Note Paper of Life”

  1. Mariano Says:

    Don’t ask me why but the last photo reminds me of shindogu.

  2. jacob Says:

    i guess it does have a complete absurdist notion to it. thanks mariano!!

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