A Broom Should Always Look this Good

I had to venture to the heart of Edogawa Ward to have my free yearly health check.  I love that there is some preventive medicine practiced in Japan.  It might not be perfect, but it is better than none at all.

The temperature peaked at about 32 yesterday.  Quite hot for June, but at least it was dry and in the shade it was perfect summer weather.  After the check I wandered alongside a shaded stream a little light headed from the lack of food, and the blood sample given.  I love looking at the simple structures and constructs that people have created for themselves and their community.  There were places to sit, things to climb on and back doors with everything all decayingly tidy.  A sort of wabi sabi attitude in the hot dry air.

This is the Tokyo that I have come to respect.  The endless winding streets, were everything at first glance looks the same as everywhere else.  Train your mind and your eye to work in unison to see something uniquely beautiful.

Tokyo, rust, concrete and wood.

Box Door Broom

Second Past the Hand

Got Your Nut


Yellow Roof Exhaust

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