Blue White and Pre-Framed

If you haven’t noticed already I’m really into the color blue.  There has been an attraction to this color ever since I was a little child.  There is a relaxing element to that oceanic color.  It just soothes my scattered brain.  The color washes over my eye like those beautiful waves on the Big Island.  Ahhh blue…. in all its shades, tones and emotions.

Preframed with an Included Handle

Scratch a Happy Face

Blue Moon and a Quarter

Walk Walk:  Double Style 歩く

2 Responses to “Blue White and Pre-Framed”

  1. Frédéric Auclair Says:

    I feel like we have the same eyes my friend !! i could have done those, it is just amazing great job !!

  2. jacob Says:

    thanks frederic.

    maybe that is why we get along so well. we have a shared eye/view of the

    im glad you can see things though my eyes and vice versa…


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