Geometrical State of Mind

These days I seem to be tipping my hat to the old masters with my obsession with shape and forms in my photographs.  The geometrical shapes are popping out at me from all sides of the road.  It is almost if i see the shapes first and then what they actually represent second.

I do not mind this obsession.  Only by working on the obsession can I figure out why I have become fixated on shapes.  The more I photograph and construct the images in this way, the closer I can begin to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together.

I hope I didn’t go off on too much of a tangent.

Air Conditioned Construction

Window Squared Garden Door

Six Strikes

A House Divided

4 Responses to “Geometrical State of Mind”

  1. John Walford Says:

    I find it revealing that you see the shapes before the object that projects them. To me, this is evidence of intelligent visual thinking, and one source of the strength of your photographs.

  2. jacob Says:

    thank you john

    recently i have been seeing the world though a very formal
    and geometrical eye. i see the shapes everywhere. i guess it it is a bit
    of a homage to those that came before, especially the cubists. here in japan
    so much of what i view has right angles in them.

    i appreciate you taking the time to look, and critique.

  3. Seth Lefkow c/o Judy Ford. Says:

    Ok, a great “eye”. And an unusual mind to go with it. Impressive, especially to “dog-pony-bowl-of-fruit-flowers-in-a-vase” kind of person like me.

  4. jacob Says:

    thanks seth
    im glad my eye appeases yours


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