Popmaster Fabel and the History of Dance in Hip Hop Culture

Coral Springs on a cool Saturday night in Coral Springs Miami was the place to get in touch with some of the roots of Hip Hop Culture with Spanish Harlem native PopMaster Fabel.  The room at Catalyst was packed with hip hop heads, the Miami Chapter of Zulu Nation, and youth of all ages as PopMaster Fabel took the stage and engaged the crowd in a historical roots of Hip Hop dance.

It was a great to learn about the roots of Hip Hop culture and see the Miami community come out and welcome PopMaster Fabel with open arms.

Big shout outs to

Brimstone127 (PATH creator, and spinning some joints)

Joel at Catalyst  (for providing the space and lots of  love)

Laguardia (with his MC wit)

Sekajipo (holding down MC duties)

Zulu Nation (for rolling out with family)

Natty  (for hooking up the eats)

Speedy Leggs  (giving a loving introduction)

as usual lots of pics shot so this is just a quick taste.

More to Come

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Popmaster Fabel Spinning Some Joints

Popmaster Fabel Lecture Some Gratitude

Popmaster Fabel Lecture A little Something Something

Popmaster Fabel a Little Something PartII

Popmaster Fabel with Path To Life Crew, Brimstone127, Natta, LaGuardia and Sekajipo

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