Spring is Popping Up in Tokyo

As the earth still continues to shake, and TEPCO struggles to contain the the nuclear power plant, the colorful blossoms of spring are popping up in my neighborhood.  The Cherry Blossom trees are covered with buds that should burst forth any day now.

As all these issues that I have absolutely no control over swirl around me I can take some comfort in knowing that mother nature will continue through its cycles.  The flowers will continue to bloom.  The children who have been bundled up during the winter months will head to the parks to play.  All the signs that spring is coming.

Still I feel this uneasiness this spring.  I am sure that there will be little partying under the cherry blossoms.  People’s hearts are heavy with uncertainty about the future.  I have no choice but to be optimistic that a better future will come.

Disasters are a part of human kind, and they challenge us to rise above and overcome them.  My prayers go out to those on the front lines of disasters here in Japan and throughout the world.

For all my family and friends out there, keep us all in prayers.

First Bloom Spotted

Fluffy Pollenating Tree, Minami Kasai

Trio of Spring with Mailbox and Wall

Step Up to Spring with a Pair of Addidas Sneakers

2 Responses to “Spring is Popping Up in Tokyo”

  1. japandemic Says:

    Great shots…and nice words.

    Stay safe up there and all the best for us all. Be good to get out under some sakura this spring. Yeah, disasters happen, sucks…but give us pause to look around, see, appreciate.

    “your life is your life / know it while you have it.” –Ch. Bukowski

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks japandemic…

    these are some trying times…
    ill do my best o stay safe… and you too down in kansai…

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