Stepping into the Violet

I admit it.  I am completely utterly flower obsessed this spring. I have always had an appreciation for the spring but this year it has taken on life changing proportions.  The situation in Japan, in a larger picture the state of the world, has forced me to look at my situation and see what needs changing.  What are the things that need to change?

Change is a life long process.  I can not be happy with my past accomplishments but I must strive to seek out new accomplishments.  I must challenge my lens to seek out other worlds.  I do not know where my lens will lead me next, but I am sure wherever I end up it is where I am suppose to be.

Come, step into the violet, with me.

Down the Violet

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  1. flo fflach Says:

    flowers big and small – plants love them all – a facinating world. this a lovely inviting image. stopping to look at the plants seems to help me be in the present, to be in the moment of experiencing – I don’t photograph every plant I look at…
    enjoy the flowwrs. because of unusually warm weather our blossom season and other flower rushes like the dandelion have been over in the blink of an eye

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks flo fflach.
    i have always enjoyed nature. i love being out in the
    midst of it all. there is such beauty to be found. but i
    have never really photographed nature much. This year
    was an exception. i needed to , i was so drawn into the world
    of flowers as symbol for the changes in my life and the lives
    of all my neighbors in these troubled times.

    sometimes it is those little reminders of something more
    powerful than ourselves that put everything back into

    thanks for popping on over too.


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