Sometimes it is Just a Struggle

Today was one of those days.  It poured rain all day, and it is predicted to keep on raining all day tomorrow.  There was one aftershock early this morning that woke me from a deep sleep at around 4 or 5 a.m.  It wasn’t that terrible.  It was just a reminder that the earth here hasn’t settled yet.

The streets of Shin Urayasu are just becoming puddles that fill up with the black sludge that percolated up through the earth in the liquefaction.

I took this image of a flower near the station on my way home, and it just seems to sum up the day.  All wet, struggling to stay upright.  I struggled to get it in focus, but failed.  So in the end sometimes it is just a struggle.

Struggle in the Rain

2 Responses to “Sometimes it is Just a Struggle”

  1. Cana Says:

    This picture shows that in every struggle there still lies beauty. A flower that tries hard to say upright and a photographer who observes the ‘little things’ on a rainy day. Thats true beauty.

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks cana.
    i am a bit obsessed with flowers.
    in a way it is a kind of escapism. there is so much
    trouble here, and the threat of trouble, that i have
    no choice to pay my respects for nature. there is so much
    beauty even among the trouble.

    we need more positive, vibrant and thought provoking work.


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