A Lucid Communication with the Flowers

Why am I exploring the world of flowers?  It is possible that it is a reaction to the fact that there is so much our shared lived that is out of our hands, and I find comfort in the colored petals.  I am definitely walking down an unexplored path with regards to making images of flowers and fauna.  And without trying to over intellectualizing the fact, I need to be in the moment and explore the flowers as a way of making peace with the natural world.

It doesn’t matter to me where I find the pieces of the natural world.  They can be in a potted plant sitting outside a little izakaya (pub)  in Ichikawa, or when I get the chance to really venture into nature.  The goal is to start a communication with the nature I encounter.  I feel like the conversation has only just begun.  We have a lot to learn from each other, and the only way we can go further down the road together is to continue this conversation.  This lucid communication with nature.

Long after the building all crumble into dust, the flowers, and trees will still be here.  Their roots will find their way between the cracks in the pavement and slowly tear down this civilization.

The jasmine will continue to bloom.  The trees will bud, and then shed their cherry blossoms.

I must in the meantime continue the discussion with the natural world.  I must add to the natural world around me.  I must breathe in deeply to smell those first droplets of rain.

Violet Against the Wall

Bubbly Tree Flower

Izakaya Night Jasmine

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