Hydrangeas: A High Point of the Rainy Season

The hydrangeas are in full bloom.  All the various varieties have been soaking up the rainy seasons waterings.  Picking up the full spectrum hues depending on what nutrients that the roots find in the soil.  They might not seem as dramatic this year in Tokyo, and I would guess that we haven’t had the continuing downpours that we usually get in June.

These are just a few from around my neighborhood.  One bunch were just peeking over a 2 meter wall.  And the other ones were across the street in a neighborhood’s garden.

Hydrangea Net

Peeking Hydrangea

2 Responses to “Hydrangeas: A High Point of the Rainy Season”

  1. alex Says:

    the ones around our home are lovely too…cheers

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks alex
    they are everywhere in japan.
    enjoy them. they are great because the
    blossoms last so long…..

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