Loquats Ready to be Plucked

I have been wanting to snap some images of the ripening Loquats for a few weeks now, but I haven’t been happy with any of the images until today.  I actually love this fruit as they are a really early bloomer, and the fruits ripen on the trees usually in June.

It has such a unique flavor that is slightly citrus with a fleshy peach fragrance.  I remember having a tree of them when I was growing up in Miami.  It always was such a pleasure to reach up into a tree, pluck a fruit, and just munch on it.

The hardy Loquat trees seem to grow everywhere, and propagate from seed quite easily.  This explains how they can just pop up in the middle of a field, or by the side of sidewalk just from a tossed black seed.

One other thing I always get confused between Loquats and Kumquats.  I know them in Japanese and I keep them straight; however, I always have to look them up to see which is which.

If you see a plump one on a tree, pluck and have a taste, but watch out for those huge pits.

Loquat Trio Plus One

2 Responses to “Loquats Ready to be Plucked”

  1. Harry Maison Says:

    Nice angle and luv the colors, the way the light patterns coming through the leaves

  2. Jacob Says:

    i have been grooving on fruit, nature and the like since
    the march 11th disasters.

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