Hydrangeas on a Hot Day

I actually spent almost the entire day locked up in my home working on some writing.  Unfortunately, it is not some writing that I want to do, it is more of a case of writing that I need to do.  My only two excursions outside the comfort of my house was to the supermarket to pick up some things to cook up some lunch, then in the late afternoon I went for a jog/walk around my neighborhood.

Today marks the first week of attempting to get my exercising life back into shape.  I have never been very good at running, which is why part of the reason I have chosen it as a way to get back into shape.  To prove to myself that I can do it. And to top it all off, if I can run in this heat, then I can run in pretty much any weather.

As I sit on my patio as the wind whips through the open door I am fortunate to have made it through another day.  The treat of some cool breezy air in the evening is a reason to be immensely thankful.

Keep cool out there where ever you may be.  The summer is here, and it will be relentless; therefore, embrace those moments of cool like the breeze hugging my torso.

Hydrangea Poking Over Wall

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