The Summer that Never Happened

I was fortunate to head out of Tokyo for the day.  We ventured out into the wild countryside of Chiba prefecture.  Chiba sits just next to Tokyo and is peninsula shaped like a dog.  On one side of Chiba is Tokyo bay and the other is the Pacific Ocean.

In the summer time Chiba is one of the close getaways spots to hit the beach and enjoy the surf, sun and sand.  This year I suspect it was bit lacking.  We made it all the way to the bottom of Tateyama Beach to be greeted by no one.  Well there were a hand full of people down on the beach, but nothing like it should have been. The beach should have been swarmed with young people oiled up and playing beach volleyball.  Instead the four volleyball courts stood silently. The beach shops stood completely empty as the owner’s gaze just looked out over the deserted beach.

My friend and I suspect that peoples fear of radiation have kept people from wading out into the water.  Even though the news does not really cover the radiation story, I guess people are worried.  The government says it is safe, but this empty beach says otherwise.

I sincerely hope that the situation improves soon.  I pray for the ground to rest.  I pray that there should be a return to the way things were, but we can never go back.  We must go forward and deal with the situation best as we can.

This was the summer that never happened.

Was There a Summer

Yellow Sand Bud

In Out, Repeat

4 Responses to “The Summer that Never Happened”

  1. Valerie Kamikubo Says:

    There is a longing and sadness in these photos, Jacob.

  2. Jacob Says:

    yes valerie.
    it was a very sad day at the beach.
    a day that should have been bustling at peak season
    was left empty. the stores had no one shopping in them.
    the beaches had no sunbathers. like it never happened.

  3. brancolina Says:

    I agree with Valerie.

    I am not surprised that people are careful with approaching the sea after what had happened with the earthquake … let’s hope it will be better next year.

  4. Jacob Says:

    so true brancolina.
    people are worried about another HUGE
    aftershock that could trigger a tsunami.
    people are worried about radiation in the water.

    it did make me sad looking out on the beach
    and seeing more or less no one.

    but there is hope. that is what the yellow
    flower shows me. hope for the future.
    nature can tear everything down in a split second
    yet it will survive.


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