Long Time No Palace

I had to take my macbook into the apple store to get looked at on Tuesday.  I hate being without my laptop computer, but I hate watching my screen flash on and off even more.  The apple store is in Ginza, so I figure since I have been photographing gardens this summer that I would drop by the Imperial Palace that is smack dab in the middle of Tokyo.  It is only a short walk from Ginza.

I was trying to think the last time I went to the Imperial Palace, and it was probably when my parents were in Tokyo about 9 years ago.  There is not much to see there.  Most of the palace is closed off because the Japanese Emperor and his family all still live there.  There are some wide open spaces, and some gates that are open to the public.  I decided as long as I am so close I might as well investigate the areas that are open.

It was pretty much as I had remembered it.  Large spaces with rows of Japanese pine trees.  A huge moat that is filled with olive green water.  The scale of the Palace is amazing.  The large stone covered path crunches underfoot.  The crunching sound I remember from my first visit more than 20 years ago.

The sun was blazing.  In the direct sun I was baking, but as soon as I stepped into the protective shade cast by the willow trees the dry air was refreshing.  Japan is now in a season of flux.  The weather is changeable.  A massive, at least how the media describes it, typhoon is heading towards Tokyo.

It was good to get out and see an place I hadn’t been for many years.  It is a must see in all tour books.  Not much to see, but it is nice to refresh some memories. and stare at some aging trees.

Moat, Wall,Tree, Sky

Weeping Willow at Imperial Palace

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