Jacob Saw the Sun Come Out

The morning was the coldest that it has been thus far.  And to top it off I was running behind due to the cold and the persistent rain.  I do enjoy the journey out to Chiba in the morning before I make my preparations for the shabbat, but nothing seemed to go right this morning.  I got out of bed late, and had to hurriedly eat my cereal and banana. Then, I made it outside to realize that I had forgotten my iPod on its charger in the house.  I look to my right to see the Number 24 bus, my bus, coming, so I had to kick up my heals to be able to catch the bus on time.  Usually I catch the 7:25 direct train to Tsudanuma station, but I caught the 7:27 one to Tsudanuma.  It doesn’t seem like much, right?  We are only talking about a 2 minute time difference, but it was enough for me to miss the 7:57 bus, and I had to wait 15 minutes in the cold for the next one.

I am not really complaining, because that I know in a few short hours I will be able to put aside all my worldly worries and focus on the shabbat.  When I had finished up my business in Chiba, and the sun had finally come out to greet the sabbath bride.  It was the creator smiling down, showing me the way that things are suppose to be, and where I need to focus my energies.  I need not to fret and worry over such trifle matters as missing my bus.  I need to remember to be thankful and look for that sunshine.

Then the Sun Came Out

4 Responses to “Jacob Saw the Sun Come Out”

  1. andante Says:

    The keyaki trees would look better in the winter.

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks andantezzz
    we don’t get much snow here, so
    i guess this will have to do.

    autumn leaves came so late this year.

  3. Robert Rosen Says:

    That shot is very inspirational. I ask my son as a Jew can I be an atheist? I have a creator that lives in me but that god differs so much from that many that other men have created in their own images.

  4. Jacob Says:

    thank you robert for stopping by and
    writing an insightful comment.

    you can be whatever you choose to be.
    if you are a jew and choose to be atheist that is possible.,
    if you are a jew and choose to be full of the spirt that so be it.

    thanks for the thoughts again


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