It Starts with One Weed to Take Down the Wall

We humans like to build walls.  Walls to keep something out.  Walls to keep something in.  Walls to separate the known from the unknown.  Walls of all sizes shapes and materials.  We humans are wall builders.  Some of the walls we construct are purely mental.  We put that wall up in order to block off something that displeases us.  There is something to this wall building that I haven’t quite figured out yet.

However, it doesn’t take much to cause those walls to come tumbling down.  Whether it is the faith of the Israelites as they blew their shofars as they marched around the walled city of Jericho or the walls that have been constructed in our subconscious.  It takes only a few cracks in the wall to begin the process of bringing it crashing to the ground.  It might not happen quickly, it might take eons to deconstruct what we humans have constructed.  But given enough time, and any wall will crack crumble and fall to the earth.

It can start with a lowly weed atop a wall in Ichikawa, Japan.

Tearing Down the Wall, One Weed at a Time

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