Dreaming of Zion while Exiled in Babylon (Christmas in Japan)

I try to keep these writings as positive as possible because to live negatively just induces more stress.  However, there are some issues that I need to address in this post.  I hope you will indulge me for a moment.  There is a madness to my method.  I promise.

These are some crazy times we are all living in.  Sometimes I feel like I have been hauled away in captivity to Babylon.  I am truly a stranger in a strange land.  I am surrounded by the ultra consumerism of Christmas in Japan.  It is so devoid of any real emotion that it makes me feel ill.  I have no problem with people wanting to celebrate a holiday, but here it makes absolutely no sense.  I ride the trains and women clutch bags of presents, with brightly colored packaging.  The shelves are lined with the Christmas boots that parents will give their children on Christmas day.  I am at a moment where I don’t think I can take it any longer.

I have tried to address the issue with fellow Japanese how strange it is to celebrate a holiday that you know just about nothing about.  I have compared it to how would the Japanese feel if Americans suddenly adopted the Obon holiday because it looked cool.  And most cannot make the connection that by doing so is ultimately strange.

Growing up Jewish in America was always strange around this time of year, but here in Japan it ups that emotional to a whole other level that can only be expressed in the images that I have selected to accompany today’s blog posting.  It is assumed by most I encounter that I am Christian, and that I celebrate Christmas.  I have to school people I come in contact with that NOT all Americans are Christians, and not all Americans celebrate Christmas (even if you might be Christian).  This is difficult for many to comprehend.

That is why today’s post is titled, Dreaming of Zion, While Exiled in Babylon.

I hope you forgive me for going off a little bit today, but I do feel so much better for doing so.

I do not mean to offend anyone by this, I am just expressing some bottled up emotions in a positive and constructive manner.  I levitate this post to all Jews, Christians, and Muslims trying to make sense of this time of year in Japan. Peace to all!

Dwelling 02 (Dreaming of Zion)

Dwelling 02 (Dreaming of Zion)

Dwelling 01 (Exiled in Babylon)

Dwelling 01 (Exiled in Babylon)

2 Responses to “Dreaming of Zion while Exiled in Babylon (Christmas in Japan)”

  1. La Guardia Says:

    Great insight, honesty, and pics to reflect your thoughts / feelings! A+

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks so much laguradia!

    it was something that i had to get out.
    cathartic, really, once out there and more or less
    unretractable the better i felt.

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