Skimming for Life

Skimming for Life

It was a cold day.  In fact it was the day that snow had fallen across the Kanto plain.  I was out on my stroll looking at the snow, and snapping some pictures along the way.  I headed to one of my favorite spots in my neighborhood.

That space is on the riverside that tucks under the Maihama Bridge.  A place that is visited by graffiti writers, punks, and fisherman.  I am never quite sure what they are catching in the murky green waters, but they do come.

Today I spied a few people in the water.  They were all carrying large u-shaped fishing nets.  They were rather large and the men were scooping up the water and looking for something.  What were they looking for?  They were looking for life.  Isn’t that what we all are looking for?

We all are digging in the dirt.  Sifting through the dust, searching for those nuggets of life that sustain us all.  Separating the chaff from the kernel.  Life is a stubble, yet it is so beautiful.  Wading on through the muck we will find the beautiful sustaining nutrition of life.

Cast out nets and search!


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