Pedaling Meditations Pause, Home, and Away

Pond Pedal Stop Meditation

The sun was being chased away by the clouds. It would peek out for a moment lighting up all below, and the next moment it would disappear into a haze of shade.

I thought a great day to go out and pedal around the neighborhood.  A moving mediation came over me.  A rhythmic beat by beat meditation. Pedal pedal, I went, and every so often the neighborhood would force me to pause.  Take in the surroundings at a slower pace.

Between to states, being at rest and being in motion.  Up the bridge stretching over the road below, I decided to turn around.  Where did I come from?  I am so far away from home.  But, this has become my adopted home.  Looking over my neighborhood I thought about where I would go, and this quickly melted into the now.  A moment in the now.  Over the buildings wires, of where I pedal my physical body.

Home is never really that far away.  A brief pause will bring you forward to the now.  Pedal pedal pause, reflect, meditate.

Away From Home Meditation

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