Dragons Don’t Cry on a Cold and Rainy Valentine’s Day

Dragons Don't Cry on Rainy Valentine's Day

Dragons don’t cry on a cold and rainy Valentine’s Day in Japan.  There is too much hustle and bustle out in the streets.  The hordes of women in the department stores snatching up box after boxes of chocolate.  In case you don’t already know, Valentine’s Day goes only one way in Japan.  Women give gifts to men.  Not just their lovers, but coworkers, friends, teachers, the list of giri (obligation) chocolate never ends.

Dragons don’t play the Valentine’s game.  They don’t line up around the corner to get that last box of chocolates.  Nope!  They are content to be out in the streets in the rain.  They just are going to be their dragon self.

They have nothing to hide.  They have no one they have to impress.  They will be, and are dragons.


4 Responses to “Dragons Don’t Cry on a Cold and Rainy Valentine’s Day”

  1. akiko Says:

    Japanese Valentine’s day is crazy.
    I hate “giri choco” customs.

  2. Jacob Says:

    yep akiko
    the whole japanese tradition of giri choco is ridiculous.
    why should women give chocolate to their bosses and co workers?
    it is so the chocolate makers make money…..right?

    valentine’s chocolate should only be given to those you love….

  3. Valerie Kamikubo Says:

    Very interesting custom… there’s one guy in my life who I know would looove to get a little chocolate! Personally, there is no better way to show love in my book, than to pen a poem or give a little hand made art 🙂

  4. Jacob Says:

    they are some strange traditions. and on march 14th it is
    white day when the boys give the ladies gifts, but they
    are not as crazy…

    i agree, giving a little bit of yourself is way better
    than anything that can be bought in a store..

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