Sayonara Kitty!

Barbershop Soloist, Feline 猫 Cat, Nishifunabashi Chiba, Japan

I met a friend for lunch on Monday in Nishifunabashi in Chiba.  I got there a bit early so I had some time to wander around and just see what was to be seen.

It was a brilliantly clear day with the skies blue and cloudless.  A great day to be out and about even if it was only in Chiba.

This kitty caught my ear first.  He was meowing away.  Saying “look at me!, Look at ME!!”  It took me a few moments before I could find where the meowing was coming from, and here the kitty was up on the second story looking down at me.

I thought to myself as my time in Japan, at least for a few weeks, winds to a close, that this kitty was saying Sayonara to me. I will miss you Japan.  I will miss my own kitties too.

Many Hugs, and I will catch up once I arrive in the 305, Miami, Florida, that is.


2 Responses to “Sayonara Kitty!”

  1. akiko Says:

    Great catch!
    I love this photo a lot, great colors and lovely kitty.

    Have a safe journey , Jacob!

  2. Jacob Says:

    thank you so much

    i will catch up with all of you once
    i hit south florida.

    coming soon

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