Lucid Communicating with Myself as a Child

Jacob at 3 Years, Fairchild Gardens, Miami

I have been observing this image on my living room wall for the last few days.  Actually, I clearly remember this image of myself as a 3 year old from my last visit to miami.

I look happy in the image.  Having my picture taken was a complete mission when I was a young.  I absolutely hated it.  I would moan and complain, and run from cameras.  It makes me smile now because I know that I direct others in order to create interesting images.

But this image means a lot to me.  I look at this image and I love the casual pose that I am in.  I am just there relaxed, with a ready for action posture.  The tree and myself are balanced nicely in the image.  The shade of the trees of Fairchild Gardens (now Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden) balance with the hot sunny spots behind.

My mother told me that this image came off the first roll of test film on their new camera.  Which was probably a 35 mm Minolta.  Little did my parents know that photography would become the defining character of my life.

It all stated with a click of a shutter on a new Minolta camera at Fairchild Gardens.  I as a man of 40 years engaging in some lucid communication with myself as a photographic image as a 3 year old.

9 Responses to “Lucid Communicating with Myself as a Child”

  1. akiko Says:

    You were so cute! and the photo is really nice!

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks akiko

    strangers used to come up and
    want to touch my curly hair.
    i hated that when i was a child.

    now, i wish i still had such curly hair.

  3. Valerie Kamikubo Says:

    My first impression is “Ahww, how sweet you looked!”, but really I think that the photo says so much about you and your mom at this particular time in your life. It’s really a wonderful photo, Jacob.

  4. Jacob Says:

    thank so much Val.

    i love going back and looking over old
    pics. i was staring at this one and it just
    looked so beautiful to me. a moment, a time, a tree,
    speaks so much of my roots growing up in miami.

    like the tree from fairchild gardens

  5. Paule Gauthier Says:

    I love old pictures.It makes me remember the experiences that I lived in my life making me what I am now.Expériences are no always good but they help you to build yourself .I like very much your picture.

  6. Paule Gauthier Says:

    I love old pictures.It’s makes me remember the expériences that I lived in my life making me what I am now.Expériences are not always good but they help you to build yourself.I like very much your picture Jacob.

  7. Jacob Says:

    old pictures are a way of exploring our past.
    they let us have a vision into what the mind
    may have forgotten.

    this one is very special to me..

  8. Paule Gauthier Says:

    Sorry, I will learn how it works.It’s is my first expérience of a blog and my english is not very good.

  9. Jacob Says:

    no worries!

    my english isn’t so good too sometimes.

    it is the thought that counts.

    i appreciate it!!

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