A Momentary Triptych of Cherry Blossoms

Tripple Window Cherry Blossom

The time that we are allowed to spend on earth is so short.  One moment the time is here to be enjoyed and the next it has floated off.  We struggle to hold onto that time.  We desire to make those moments last a lifetime.  I strive to cherish the time that we have.

This freezing and stretching of time is one of the reasons that I have fallen so in love with the way of photography.

Photography allows me to capture those fleeting moments.  To be able to stretch that second into a lifetime of viewing.  I can always go back and reflect back on that moment.  All the elements with in the frame may no longer physically exist, but they live on in pixels, or silver halides.

Next week when I return to the same place where this image was taken it will no longer exist.  The petals of the cherry blossoms will have all drifted to another place.  The light will vary depending on the day, but I have this moment when all the elements aligned and the photograph was taken.

Enjoy those moments.  Reach out to them.  Search through family albums and relive moments that have passed.  Before we know it those memories will float away just as the petals fall from the cherry blossoms.


2 Responses to “A Momentary Triptych of Cherry Blossoms”

  1. Brimstone127 Says:

    your words captured the moment like a photograph itself. Very rich-ethic (poetic).

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks brimstone127!

    this image got me thinking again about the
    special place that photograph has in all our hearts.

    also, i have been going over and editing and selecting the
    images from the wedding. that act, the act of editing, is
    allowing me to relive the memories of the celebration.
    who i photographed and the vibrations that stirred up my soul.

    thanks for taking the time to have a look and read….


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