The Urban Life Side of Urayasu

Old Sweater, Old Urayasu

My friend Double You asked me what happened to the my urban images I used to take. I replied that I still take them, but I rarely share them.  I have become a bit obsessed with photographing how humans and nature interact in an urban setting.  To put it simply, I like to see some green in my images.

The crux of the matter is as an artist changing one’s point of view is essential for development.  After the earthquake hit on March 11, 2011, I no longer felt any comfort in my attraction to the urban world.  I saw the urban world as partially responsible for the nuclear mess that Japan found itself in.  I sought comfort in nature.  The colors enveloped my sadness. The resilience of the roots, stems and petals that still sprouted from the dust was amazing.

The perfection of the flowers reminded me that there is hope.  That the flowers can grow strong and beautiful, therefore we humans too could survive and learn to thrive.

As artist we are never completely satisfied.  We might be pretty happy with something at a given point of time, but when we go back and look at a piece of work later, we think I should have, or I could have done something else to it.  We, I, am always striving for new avenues of expression.  And changing the way in which I reflect and comment on the world around me.

Therefore, today I, LIVICATE to my friends DOUBLE you who gave me a nudge to show some images I have shot recently that urban images from my trip to the old part of town in Urayasu.

Sometimes to move forward, we have to look at where we have been to see how far we have come.

The Women's Side of Sento (Public Bath)


Umbrella, Door, Bucket, After the Rain


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