There is a Palm Tree Just Over the Wall

There is a Palm Tree at the End of a Wall

We may all have those days where your emotions turn yourself on your head.  One minute everything is just cooling, and the next you’ve got a brain cloud.  This happens to everyone.  It is part of adapting to our life through the experiences that we have incorporated as part of who we are.

It may feel like we have run head on smack into a wall.  Blam! You may have hit that wall so hard that it knocks you down to the ground and the lights grow dim.  Eventually we all come to again.  As we lay there flat on the earth our eyelids will slowly flicker back to life.  Our perspective has changed.  We are looking off into the infinite sky.  There is no longer any wall to be seen.  There is just the cobalt blue sky filled with dreamy puffs.

We might shake the dust from our clothes as we stand back up again, to be confronted with that wall that lies directly in our sightline.  What happened to that endless sky of a moment ago?  Where did it go?  Why is this wall still in my way?  There is nothing to worry about.  We have all the knowledge we need to overcome this obstacle.  These wall are never as in our way as we think they are.  The walls are there for us to climb.  We need to be able to hit that wall and scramble our way to the top and jump down to the other side.

We never quite know what is waiting for us on the other side.  We could be confronted immediately with another wall, we may land ourselves in our own garden of eden.  Or in my case, there may just be a palm tree on the other side.  It’s not gold.  It is just a tree, in a plastic pot, cared by someone who loves that plant with all their heart.



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