Banging Against That Wall, Hoping for the Breakthrough

Knocking Heads Against a Brick Wall

Bang! and again, and again.  Sometimes that is exactly how we feel.  No matter what we do, or the approach we take it running smack into a brick layered wall.  Bang, head slamming into the wall. Over and over again, until we become numb to it all.  Why is it so rough?  What are we hopping we will accomplish.

We can’t help it at certain points in our lives.  We have all been there.  When I find myself smacking against that wall.  I find it absolutely necessary to pause, breathe in so deeply that the oxygen reinvigorates my soul.  I focus in on that air circulating within my body, looking for that negativity, and then release all of those obstacles in my exhale.

It is easier said then done, but with focused practice, It will become second nature to us all.

Bang away, just don’t let it get to you.  Release those energies that are causing you to hit the wall, and the universe will intervene if you calm your spirit.

Breakthroughs wouldn’t be called break-through if it there wasn’t a wall that needs to be surpassed.


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