There is Always A Bright Patch, A Lavender One

Lavender Bright Patch, Ichikawa

Thoughts keep bouncing around my thick-headed cranium.  I am not sure where they emanating from.  Well, I know that in actuality they of course are coming from my own consciousness.  Sometimes it seems like I have no control over my own thought process.  The thoughts rattle around keeping me awake at night.

It can be difficult to break the bonds of negative thoughts.  We have all been there.  It appears that no matter what we do these thoughts come hauntingly back into our consciousness.  How do I rid myself of these thoughts?  The only way is to confront them and to own up to the fact that they are part of myself.  I wrestle with how to define my place in the world as a human being.

I know I am not the artist that uses his/her art to achieve political means.  I respect artists that choose that path, for it is essential for communication in our saturated society.  I am sure that I am not the artist that uses shock and sexuality.  If that is what an artist chooses the way to walk, then so be it.  I rather elevate thought than wallow in the shadows.  We must acknowledge our own shadows as part of ourselves in order to be of complete consciousness.

This brings me back to my question of what kind of art do I want to reveal to myself and the world.  Let us just say that it is a “work in progress.”  I am in daily therapy with my camera to work that one out.

There is always some color somewhere in my life.  Even as negative thoughts bounce around and cloud my path.  I am aware that within my soul lies the solution.  It is up to me to clear the way to allow that positivity to enter my thoughts process.

Today I found it in the light in the shape of a plastic pot with blooming lavender.  It wasn’t much, but it did shine some light on some clouded thoughts.  If you look for those bright paths you can find them.


2 Responses to “There is Always A Bright Patch, A Lavender One”

  1. Valerie Kamikubo Says:

    Often times a little attitude change is all it takes to open us up to the beauty around us, and then even something as simple as a pot of flowers can make all the difference. I love the photo!

  2. Jacob Says:

    so true.
    we can never change our ways
    if we aren’t open to new interests, paths
    and influences.

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