Under the Contained Sea

Contained Sea Wonder

On Sunday I joined the streaming families as we all walked around Tokyo Sea Life Park (葛西臨海水族園).  I hadn’t been to the park in about 15 years.  My recollection was that it was small and cramp, but this time I found the space to be spacious and intriguing.

There were hordes of families enjoying the wonderment to be found under the waves.  Children pressed their noses up against the plexiglass to watch the fish swim around in their tanks.  Parents huddled over their children and all gazed at the wonder.

There is a whole land that is unknown to us.  The unique animals carve out little niches for their kind under the waves.

It was a pleasant way to spend a Sunday in the park.  Watching the families.  Watching the penguins glide through the water. All while the misty rain would fall on my skin.


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