Earth Shakes, Jacob Waits

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Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. there was a rather large and close earthquake in Chiba Prefecture.  It was large enough that I considered abandoning the building, but the earth began to settle back down again.  I will never say that I am used to the earth suddenly getting its own mind and beginning to shake, but I no longer panic at the start of the movement.

I finished up my day.  The air was dry, with a slight breeze blowing.  The air had just a tinge of coolness to it.  But I still needed to roll up my sleeves to be comfortable.  It was a beautiful afternoon to be heading back home to ready for the sabbath.

I get to the station, and it appears to be more crowded than usual.  I don’t really pay it any mind.  I pull my headphones over my eyes and listen to Haydn’s 6th symphony.  I take a seat and just gaze out into the station.  The trains don’t seem to be coming, but I assume that I just missed one, and one will be along in 10 minutes or so.

Finally I hear the station master making an announcement that the trains are delayed and one will be along shortly.  Since I have time to spare, I wander around at the edge of the station.

There were all these micro landscapes waiting for me to discover.  Bits of moss, weds, and lichens that had made their home in this station in the Narashino section of Chiba.

Time, is all we have sometimes.  It often those moments when we are waiting for something to happen that life is at its most beautiful.

Shabbat shalom.  May you all have a beautiful and needed day of rest.
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