Walking in the Rain All for the Love of Photography.

Nekozane Mailbox with Bushes and Wall

The rain wasn’t suppose to come till this afternoon, but it didn’t work out that way.  I taught a small gathering of photographers who attended an UFRA workshop on creative photography.  There will be more about this class, when I get some of the images that the participants took.

It was great to walk around with them all in the rain helping them to see the wold around the.  We walked around the old part of Urayasu on flower street.  We went into the old fisherman’s home, and doctors home and had a little impromptu tour by the on staff volunteers.

The students clicked away happily and asked me for help from time to time. It was a beautiful day out and more to come about the day and the class, once I get the images from the students.

All for the love of photography.  I hope I can inspire more in young and old to use photography as a means to express themselves and seek the beauty around them.

Furukawa Home with with Utilities

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