My Name is Mt. Fuji, or Better Still, Call me Fujisan!

Mt. Fuji Autumn Glow

Thats right!  You’ve heard what I’ve said!  My name is Mt. Fuji, Fujisan to those in the know.  I am right there hiding over the horizon.  When I feel like it I will come out and play in the golden glow of setting sun.  Most of the time you can’t see me from Tokyo.  I choose to stay hidden, be a bit incognito in the haze. I let the haze blend me right out of the picture.

Today I decided to indulge my self in red, and orange hues. I wanted all those that haven’t seen me for a while to know that I am still here.  You may build a tree like structure that reaches into the sky, but from my height your structures will only be playthings to me.

One day I may grow angry to the point that the molten viscous lava in my soul will erupt with such a fury to wipe out the generations of memories.  I am not feeling that today.  My soul isn’t that troubled.  I will keep anger hidden far under my snow capped peak.

Today I only wanted to come out and play in the light.  I danced as much as a sloping volcanic mountain could sway.  I just wanted to show myself, if only for a few moments, as the sun dissolved into the horizon.


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