Knowing the Place

Place, Placing, Placed Pebble

I took a long pause over the New Year’s holiday.  I needed some time to just be.  No blogging, shooting, not really much of anything.  In some ways the New Year marker seems artificial.  One day the year is 2012, and the next it is 2013.  What does it really mean to me as an individual?

I do not feel the need to celebrate the changing of the Gregorian calendar like I used to.  In Japan the new year is a time for first cleaning, then celebration, feasting, and finally being with your family.  I struggle with fitting into the Japanese celebrations, but the last few years it hasn’t worked out so well.  It could be that my peoples new year does not happen until the spring.

I want to know where to place myself within the context of culture and land where I live.  Wherever I have lived I never have felt completely at home.  I have always felt as a traveling outsider.  Sometimes I wish I could be like a stone, placed, knowing that it is only a stone.  Millions of years of history are within its rough hewed edges.  It just is, and that is all.


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