Winter Cold Brings Clarity of Thought

Nagisa New Town Layered Life

The air is so crispy dry these days.  There are hints that spring is not that far off, but it is far enough away to be hopeful of the flowers to come.  The winter isn’t all that horrific.  Yes, my toes, and fingers are constantly cold.  Yes, I have to wear fleece hats to keep warm, but when I step out into that clean air, I can truly see.

Not just the lovely skies, and people that pass me by as I go to and fro in my own neighborhood, but there is a clarity that comes from the breath of fresh air after being cooped up in a toasty room.

My nostrils crack when I flex my nose nostrils.  I pause to take in the air, my surroundings, and my community on the edge of Tokyo, and just be for a moment.  The canyon apartments (danchi) enter my frame, but they quickly pale in comparison to the sky and it’s small band of clouds.

I enjoy moments of clarity.  They don’t happen as frequently as I like, but I am thankful for the ones that I have.



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