Under the Yamanote Line

The Potted Tree and the Chinese Restaurant


The Yamanote Line incircles most of downtown Tokyo.  It pretty much hits the biggest station on its 35 kilometer circular trip around the city.  This is not to say that if you are outside of the line you are in the sticks.  Nope it is pretty much the center of the city.

The wind was blowing in from Siberia as I headed from Akihabara station to Okachimachi station to check out a new group of artisan shops that had been built under the tracks about half way between the two stations.  It is called 2K540.  It was definitely a cool place full of little shops with nice hand crafted goods ranging from leather working, wood carving, and silver smithing.  It is worth the trip if you are looking for some unique gifts that aren’t the usual tourist trash you find in many neighborhoods.

There is no space wasted in Japan’s urban environment.  Here under the tracks they have built an artistically inclined mini shopping mall.  

I love following the tracks and just seeing what there is to be seen.  There is green here and there among the sea of cement.  Just keep that heart open, and the eyes willing.


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