Between the Storms there is Silence

Sky Cherry Blossom Earth


There are always storms in life.  Some of them you feel them coming in the depth of your soul.  There is a drop in the weather, unusual cloud form on the horizons, and the wind whips though.  Other times, there is no warning.  One minute you are on a hill enjoying the sunshine, and in a flash the heavens open rain falls and you feel like Noah’s neighbors, unprepared for the storm.

Our spirit and physical bodies need to be in sync.  The more we tune in to the turmoil the more we can be at peace when the unexpected arrives.  To be able to appreciate and love the silence as much as we may fear the storm.

There is enough trouble in the world that we do not need to be out creating storms of our own.  Look for the silence.  Let your spirit seek the peace.





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