The Fantastic Journey of the Little Cotton Seed that Could

Cotton Plant's Fantastic Journey from the 305 (Miami)


Push rewind to come to a sunny backyard in Miami about three months ago.  I was standing in my brother and wife’s backyard when I spotted a scrawny looking tree that was covered with little fluffy puffs of white.  I was intrigued all of these puffs of white on the tree, and scattered about at its base.

I picked up one of the fluffs and pulled the strands apart to find dark black seeds.  Each puff held about 4-6 seeds.  I asked my brother what plant is this?  He answered that it was cotton.

I had never seen a cotton plant before.  It was amazing how the Creator provided the earth with a simple plant that we can then harvest and spin into thread.  I was astonished.  It really was looking at a tree covered in cotton balls.

A few days later I was out in his backyard again, and I collected some of the cotton and took about a dozen black seeds, wrapped them in a piece of paper and packed them away with all my goods to lug back to Tokyo.

When the weather started to warm a bit I placed about four of the seeds in a little black potting cup, and waited.  Nothing happened.  Two weeks pass by and still no growth in the pots.  I pretty much had given up, and decided to place a few more of the seeds in the cup.  The very next day, my wife tells me that one of the seeds from the previous batch had sprouted.  I was joyous and thanked the Creator for the little cotton seed that could.

In the late glow of the setting sun, we replanted this little 6 inch (15 cm)  seedling, into a proper sized pot.  I am thankful to have been able to bring a small piece of my brother’s family and transplant it to my family in the suburbs of Tokyo.



4 Responses to “The Fantastic Journey of the Little Cotton Seed that Could”

  1. Natty Says:

    Brother! What a blessing to see this tale of the cotton seed that could and will. It may be the first generation to sprout and survive outside of our yard. Give thanks for sharing this precious memory. Fulljoy and come again soon.

  2. Jacob Says:

    thank you so much natty!
    i am joyous that this little one is doing well. as it warms
    the cotton plant should keep on striving.

    i get to have a little piece of your household here
    in our household.



  3. nicole Says:

    natty told me that I could grow lettuce in my window and it has been growing for 3 weeks. what sweet inspirations!

    I love y’all!


  4. Jacob Says:

    it is pretty incredible what can be grown
    on a patio space. All of our salad greens
    are being grown. we are also trying out
    all sorts of root veggies too.

    love you all too!


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