Bent on 5 Yen in the Morning Light

Bent on 5 Yen「5円」 in the Morning


There it laid in the rising morning light.  A tiny beauty to behold.  Nothing more than a simple bent 5 yen coin.  Being given a 5 yen coin is suppose to bring the receiver good luck over in the land of the never ending pachinko clatter.

Not sure what it signifies if it has been bent like a business card.

The tarnished had a little of a twinkle in the light.  Enough that it caught my half asleep eyes to notice it on the edge of the pavement.  Just a coin.  Bent money.  A lost fortune.

I will pass on its good luck vibes and let another pass it and slip it into his/her pocket.

Luck will come, wont it?


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