Found Japanese Booty of the Copper Kind

Antique Japanese Copper Coin with Embedded Grain of Sand


While combing the beach in Okitsu for broken bits of celadon and bits of pottery with blue glazes I came across a rather odd little circular object.  When I first spied it the disk in the sand I thought it was a washer from one of the fishing boats that dock on both ends of the beach.

I reached over and picked it up, to next think that I had found a modern 5 yen coin that someone had dropped in the water and had tarnished.  Part of the disk was missing, and the hole in the middle was square.  I thought that was a bit odd because modern five yen coins have a round hole, and have the look more off brass rather than copper.

I showed it to some of my mates back at are BBQ area and they said I had found a bit of Japanese treasure.  After doing a little digging around on the internet, I can determine that the coin is at least pre-Meiji era (1868).  it is most likely from Edo era (1603-1868).

I have beach combed in Florida for years always dreaming of finding a little piece of pirate booty, only to travel halfway around the world to find a piece of Japanese treasure.

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  2. akiko Says:

    Wow, you’re very lucky to find this, and this is a great picture.
    The old coin looks very beautiful!

  3. Jacob Says:

    me too.
    i am overjoyed to have
    found a little piece of treasure..


  4. Cynthia Says:


  5. Jacob Says:

    thank you so much!

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