Where Okinawa Dwells: The Great Mash Up

Home with Coral Wall, Okinawa


Okinawa’s land was enchanting.  The skies melded into the seas.  The seas rose up into the blueness of the skies and the land touched them both.

There appeared to me to be a few ways that the people have built homes on the island.  One is the traditional home surrounded by a stone wall often of coral with the main home covered with red Terracotta tiles.  Even when building with modern materials the old ways influence the newer buildings.

Then there are the ultra solid concrete buildings.  They remind me of how homes are built in the florida keys, and on Jamaica.  They are solid and must be able to stand up to the constant pounding my Typhoons.

The third are hybrid buildings from Japan, Okinawa, and the hard style.  I am no expert on the building techniques of this island.  They are only my casual observations as a man with a camera.

I was transported in time as I wandered around some small villages that incorporated the great mash up of building techniques.  I loved the way the walls allowed for privacy as the red tiled roofs jutted above.   The walls of course also help to cut down on some the strong winds.

There is no escaping the seas from the home.  The homes need to be ready for any storms that frequent the island.

A simpler life.  A slower pace.  A place to lay our heads and let the breeze wash over us in the heat of the noonday sun.


Farmer's Shed with Banana Trees, Okinawa

Farmer's Shed, Okinawa

Lime Green and White Hall Shop, Okinawa

Yomitan Pre-fab Housing (circa 1970), Okinawa

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