Soulful Souls in Jecheon South Korea

Soulful Flowing Sunset over Lake Cheongpyeong, Jecheon Province, Korea


I was fortunate to represent our short film KRS ONE: Brooklyn to the Bronx at the 9th annual Jecheon International Film and Music Festival nestled in the South Korean countryside.

The hospitality I received from the staff and volunteers at the festival was overwhelming.  I was anle to delve into film, art and beyond with all the soulful filmmakers that made the journey from all over the globe to this lakeside hotel.

There are so many pictures to edit, and pages of notes to go though before I can clearly transmit my thoughts on how meaningful attending the festival was to my life as first a human being and second as an artist.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on the festival and images from Korea.  For now take a deep breathe and soak in the soulful first sunset I witnessed over the Lake Cheongpyeong, Jecheon Province, Korea.

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  1. Olivier Jules Says:

    very nice view

  2. Jacob Says:

    thank you so much Olivier!
    I truly appreciate it!


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