Live Spoken Word: Kaddish for Emmanuel “Manny” Pushkin

Kaddish, Requiem, Life for  Emanuel "Manny" Pushkin


On an over zealously windy night a small group of poets and artists gathered in the Jamrock Cafe in Harajuku. The monthly gathering of Writer’s Bloc, Tokyo, Evening Musings was about to begin.  This was a first for me.  I had never done a spoken word, or reading of any kind before a group of people.

The boom of the bass and drums of reggae riddims helped put me at ease as I relaxed myself while slowly sipping some rum and coconut water.  Munching on rice and peas and a chicken patty I could almost imagine myself at a a little West Indian joint in Miami, almost.

I was pretty nervous even though there were barely a dozen people in the cafe.  After a few people went on It was my turn.  Nervously with paper in hand I began.

I want to say thank you to Lee Ann and Norman for introducing me to this group and allowing me to express myself in a way that I had never done before.  Also a special thanks to Colin (and his Flickr) for some pictures and Biankah for the video.

Check their Facebook page Writer’s Bloc, Tokyo and Writer’s Bloc, Tokyo Youtube Channel 


2 Responses to “Live Spoken Word: Kaddish for Emmanuel “Manny” Pushkin”

  1. Natty Says:

    Give thanks for sharing this precious homage to a VERY special man.

  2. Jacob Says:

    thank you so much Natty

    it was just a small way i could honor someone who meant
    so much to so many


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