The Summer Hunt is On! First, Kitasenju

One Vine Strong with Corrugated Metal, Kita Senju, Tokyo


It is that special time of year.  The Days are long.  The air it think with humidity that the annual summer hunt begins.

No animals will be harmed.  In fact, no one, and nothing will be harmed.  The only suffering are my feet and sweat glands.

It is the time of year to hit the pavement and go on a serious walkabout around my city.  I have been here for 15 years, and there still are areas within the city limits I have never explored.  It was this passion for exploration that I hopped on a train to wander around Kitasenju.

I had heard that it has a bit of a shitamachi (下町) feeling.  Or, as I like to say, an old part of town.  The sun was blazing as I began to wander.  No plans.  No guides.  Just a pair of boots and a camera.

There were pockets of some lovely old houses on the tiny twisting alleyways.  It really must have been something 30 years ago.

These old pockets of Tokyo are very quickly succumbing to the bulldozer all in the name of progress.

My camera does process some negative special powers.  There have been many times I have photographed some of these nuggets of urban treasure, only to revisit them later to find a 7-11 in its place.  I hope it doesn’t happen.

Stay posted for more hunting updates.  Stay cool, and hydrated.

Catch you all in the shade.


Today Brocolli, Kita Senju, Tokyo



Shaded Garden Home with Bicycle, Kita Senju, Tokyo



Plussy Sign with Meagerie, Kita Senju, Tokyo



Red Wall with Aloe and Bicycle, Kita Senju, Tokyo

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  1. Ali Mistelske Says:

    Happy exploration ahead!! Most interesting places you and your camera get to see!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and view of the world over there. Fifteen years over there is a good slice of your life……is there a blog somewhere here that you tell your beginnings there and how it all began?? So interesting!! Looking forward to more 🙂 … to ya !

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