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Jacob Schere’s upcoming photographic series on walls on the hip Dont Magazine was reviewed on Diesel Cults website. It’s just a taste of the multi media expierence that Dont Magazine will bring to the series.

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Stay posted for when the next issue drops. More photos, muisc and mash ups to come.

Dont Magazine

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a copy of the text is below.

Marjorie Jeung reviews The Wall Series, a poetic and thought provoking collection of images of decay by photographer Jacob Schere.

Following on from New York Inflections in issue 4 of dontmagazine.com, we go to Tokyo where Jacob Schere takes us on a journey through time. He writes, ‘Here in sleek and ultra modern Tokyo lay images left to peel slowly off the wall. These images are of recent ancient history. Flake by flake they peel from their cement base – like an archaeologist dusting off the centuries to discover a city in ruin, I have discovered these paintings on a wall, left to grunt against the elements.’ Schere is a New Yorker living in Tokyo. He is from a city that’s built for speed but even he is taken aback by the pace of change in his adoptive home. These images of an arrested civilisation located in a kaleidoscope of tenses echo our condition. Their elegant erosion, nobility in neglect and haunting sense of devastation recall our wastefulness and our own inevitable decrepitude. A friend writes, ?????Yes, I love them! Their colours as well as their fragility and how in every flake and peel a new history is added, the pollution where seagulls cannot dive and the sublime intimate connection of two people hidden in the mist-‘

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