6 Years On: These 9-11 NYC Images Still Get me

I had to journey to NYC in November of 2001 to attend the unveiling of my grandmother out on Long Island. I had debated with family if I should make the trip to NYC. In the end I was determined to make the long flight to be with my family in thier time of need. Little did I know that this decision would alter the course of my life.

As I walked the street camera in hand, snaping the city that surrounded me. Everywhere I went I bore witness the the changes in my culture. It was the first time as an artist, I just melded with the subject, because there was no seperation between me, and subject. They were one and the same.

On this 6 year anniversary I remember those times. The sadness in our hearts.

I look forward to brighter days.

america is not for sale

Not For Sale, 2001 NYC

ny alarm

Only in Images 2001 NYC

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