Abstracted After Storm

The storm blew though on Thursday this week, leaving scattered leaves and twigs about.  All the signs that it was here.  All of these signs will soon be forgotten till the next big one.  Moving in taking a closer look.  Trying to look at things more clearly, they turn into abstractions.

Green Flexing Grid

Blue Moon Rising

3 Responses to “Abstracted After Storm”

  1. Jerry Kolber Says:

    oh jacob
    these are such vibrant photos
    yeah I have no idea what they are but the details make that not matter
    your eye just gets better and better

  2. Gorgeous Abstractions from Japan Says:

    […] Schere aka Lucid Communication has some images for us after the “typhoon of the decade” hit his neighborhood near Tokyo.  They are […]

  3. jacob Says:

    thanks jerry….
    the mystery is in the losing of your sense
    of reality, and accepting it for what it just is.

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