Got to Have that Comfort Food

Friday, October 9th, 2009

I was seriously craving a a tasty burger the other day.

Going to just the typical fast food joint just wouldn’t satisfy that craving for food

that just tastes and makes everything all right.  So, after I finished up some work I headed out to

Roppongi and grabbed a burger at Bakers Bounce.   They aren’t my favorite, but they can grill up a tasty

charcoal grilled burger.

Lets just say that it really hit the spot.

Bakers Bounce Hamburger with Onion Rings

It Pours Sunshine in my Heart

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

The typhoon of the decade is suppose to be headed to Tokyo, and will hit late tonight early Thursday morning.  Wet, sopping wet, is the wet that has persisted for the past 3 days, soon to be 4 days.  I have been forced to put on a jacket to keep warm.  Summer now seems like a faded distant memory.  Although I know in my heart its not that faded, and its not that distant.

I know most you probably had enough of me raving on and on about the Hawaiian islands, but I cant help myself.  It just felt right, without any of the sticky mess that is a modern metropolis like tokyo.  So it is here that I leave you with this . . .

It Pours Sunshine in My Heart

Dreaming of Blue Skies

Edge of Sky and Sea

The Concrete Reality of my Surroundings

Monday, October 5th, 2009

To twist a title from Fishbones album, the reality of where I live really hit me over the last couple days.  After coming from the lush tropics of Hawaii I have had to adjust to a jungle that is made up of concrete, iron and faded plastics.  Where ever I step here in Tokyo the land has been devoured by man.  There are a few patches of green, some islands that are called parks, but for the most part in my day to day life there isn’t any.

So, sit back and join me in the concrete reality of my surroundings.

Left Here

Zen Circle in Plaster

Portrait of Seed and Clocks

Signs of Hawaii

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

The first film roll came back from my local friendly photo shop.  The roll is from the Olmpus Pen EE S, half frame camera.  My Ricoh died on my once we got to Oahu, so It was like the old days, using a simple point and shoot to capture the environs that surround myself with.  Most of these were taken in the little north shore town of Haleiwa.  Home of surfers, laid backs, and all around chill people.

Look and See.

Grass Skirt of Haleiwa

Right to Beach

Red White and See

Cafe Haleiwa

Barber 5550, Honolulu

The Painted Church of the Big Island

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

I never would have stopped over at the The Painted Church also known as St. Benedict Roman Catholic Church if it wasn’t for Sam at the HOLUALOA UKULELE GALLERY who told us we can’t miss this little gem.  And Sam was surely right that it was a special place.  It was all painted by Father John Berchmans Velge in the the very early 1900’s.  Wandering around the grounds and inside the little church that was more like a home than a church.  The dedication and love for his faith is so beautifully illustrated on all the surfaces of the church.

for the history and info about the painted church visit here 

The Tempatation of Christ in the Painted Church

Palm Tree Column in the Painted Church

Offering Box, The Painted Church

Kneeling in Prayer ar in the Painted Church

In Prayer wth Shell Necklaces

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